Bodice and more

Every Dragon’s Den Bodice is designed,  patterned,  cut,  and sewn, solely by Linda Sanchez. – (I must include my husband – Lou, he does the grommets).   They are uniquely different from any bodice you have, or have tried on. They will fit totally different,   and their sizing should not be expected to be the same as any you have seen before.   I made my patterns according to my own sizing scale,   not comparing the sizing to another manufacturer.    I specifically designed them to be different from what was available at Faire.   This is truly the most comfortable bodice you will ever own — They are made of the finest quality 4-way-stretch tricots and velvets available,   contoured by pattern design to shape your figure and flatter your body,   yet allows you to move, bend over, sit, dance, and even wear all day when necessary.  Very strong boning is used,  it will never flip, fray, or bend – and to even further state the excellence of any of our bodices,. . . they are machine washable,   and their color will stay true and never fade. !!!


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