Bodice and Corsets

 Front-Lacing Bodice

Description – This bodice is one that works for everyone – Wenches, Pirates, and every-day working-class, as well as Maidens, Fairies, and Ladies of the country shire. It fits under bust and is worn with a blouse or chemise. It is designed to fit your midriff very snug, shaping your waistline, while giving support and complimenting your bust line at the same time.

Size: (Price)

XS, S/M, M/L   ( $94.95)               L/XL ( $99.95)



   Crushed Velvet                 Smooth Velvet                                      

Black                                           Black           Gold

White                                          White           Navy

Royal                                          Red              Silver

Hunter Green                           Hunter Green

Burgundy                                   Burgundy

Purple                                         Eggplant

Turquoise                                   Olive

Lavender                                     Teal


Glitter Velvet                             Not Velvet

Red Sparkle                                    Black

Teal Glitter                                      Royal

Navy Sparkle                                  Red

Eggplant Glitter                              Kelly Green



Back-Lacing Bodice

Description – The elegance of this bodice is apparent at first glance – Very stylish for royalty, when worn with gowns, our Church Sets, or brocades with hoop skirts;   yet perfectly suited for a shopkeeper, townswoman, Victorian years, Steampunk, or period costuming.   The coverage of this bodice will also allow it to be worn without a blouse when the weather is too warm.   The front panel will be the same fabric used on the body of the bodice, or it can have a specialty fabric to compliment the color. Unless photographed specifically,   specialty fabrics would have to be chosen before bodice is made.   If attending a Faire where Dragons Den Costumes is a vendor, you would be able to see a large selection, as the variety is not possible to offer on-line, or you can contact us to see what is available at that time.

Size: (Price)

XS, S/M, M/L   ( $119.95)            L/XL ( $124.95)

Colors:                  Crushed Velvet                 Smooth Velvet 

Black                                     Black           Gold

White                                    White          Navy

Royal                                    Red             Silver

Lavender                             Teal

Burgundy                             Olive

Purple                                  Eggplant

Turquoise                            Burgundy

Hunter Green                     Hunter Green


Gypsy Bodice

Description – This style of bodice is perfect for a Gypsy, Belly-Dancer, or pirate. The bodice can be worn with or without a blouse,  making it perfect for wearing as a top for every-day wear when not using it as a costume piece.

Lacing is designed to be worn in the back,  although many customers turn it around to close in the front . . . and it works fine.   It can be worn with the short crop blouse with your stomach showing, or with the long crop blouse if more coverage is desired (This style also makes it good for a Maternity bodice)

Size: (Price)

XS, S/M ( $74.95)   not available in larger sizes


Colors:     Crushed Velvet                 Smooth Velvet

Red                              Red

Royal                           Black

Purple                          White

Hunter Green            Burgundy

Navy                              Teal

Black                              Eggplant

White                            Olive

Lavender                      Navy

                                     Hunter Green



Dragon Sleeve Bodice

Description – Our specialty “Dragon Sleeves” are tapered to the wrist and have a huge drop of flowing fabric giving this back-lacing bodice a unique look not found before.   No blouse or chemise is to be worn with this bodice.     Your costume is complete when worn with a skirt, pants, or even jeans.   The “Dragon Sleeves” are a Signature Pattern Design of Dragon’s Den Costumes and are the perfect completion of this bodice.


Size: (Price)

XS, S/M, M/L ( $164.95)                   L/XL ( $179.95)


Colors:                  Crushed Velvet                 Smooth Velvet

Royal                                        Black

Purple                                      White

Hunter Green                           Burgundy